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ProTerra; Bus Electrico

Proterra, Inc. is an American manufacturing company focusing on design and manufacture of zero-emission, all-electric transit vehicles and on-route, fast-charge systems.
Its EcoRide™ BE35 was the first 30-foot or larger all-electric bus to complete federally mandated Altoona testing. It was also the first full-size, fast charge transit bus to enter revenue service in the U.S. and meet California’s Zero-Emission Bus Rules.
Its manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters are located in Greenville, South Carolina.


  • Drive Your Bottom Line To a Greener Place
    Our buses deliver impressive lifetime fuel savings and have demonstrated an astounding 20.8 MPGe at Altoona and a typical fleet operation of > 17 MPGe.* In fact, our buses offer over five times the MPG equivalent versus diesel and CNG equipment.** Combined with the inherently lower volatility of electric prices over the life of the bus vs. CNG and diesel, our buses offer best in class efficiency. The stability of electrical prices enables dramatically lower operating costs that are immediate, stable and predictable based on the lack of fossil fuel inputs. Our advanced, streamlined design also uses fewer components compared to diesel, CNG or hybrid. The elimination of engine and exhaust related costs can add up to $135,000 in savings over the lifetime of the bus.

    *MPGe based on in-service customer fleet operation.
    **Based on 3.86 MPG diesel, 3.27 MPG CNG and 20.8 MPG for Proterra.
  • Keep Charging
    Our all-electric buses are designed to keep your fleet moving. They can quickly charge on-route in as little as 5 minutes (can be as little as a minute or as much as 9 minutes, depending on ending State of Charge) and can operate indefinitely with essentially infinite range, keeping it in passenger service for as long as the customers require.
  • Zero-Emissions
    At Proterra, we’ve worked diligently to reduce our impact on the environment. That’s why we’re proud to offer zero-emission, battery electric buses that comply with the strictest noise and pollution environmental regulations.
  • Durability You Can Depend On
    Proterra was the first company to have a battery electric, zero-emissions bus complete rigorous Altoona testing on a bus that is compliant with Buy America. Altoona’s comprehensive testing covers a wide range of quality and durability tests from structural integrity, noise and performance, to maintainability, safety and fuel economy.

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