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Metro Lima • Peru : Linea 1, Linea 2 y Linea 4

The city of Lima counts about 11 millions inhabitants and almost no infrastructures for local public transport. The private transport is the main mean of transfer, causing severe problems to the urban mobility. For this reason, the Municipality of Lima is planning a global restructuring of the existing net and its improvement with future transport extensions.
At the moment there are a fly-over metro line (L1) under completion with a working section only and a BRT trench line. When the urban development works is completed, there will be 5 main lines: 1 bus line in a reserved area, 1 fly-over metro line and 3 underground metro lines.
In this context, design and construction of Line 2 and part of Line 4 will be the heart of the future system.

Total amount of the work:   Total amount of the work: US$ 5.300.000.000
Amount of the Consortium for the preliminary design phase US$ 5.600.000
Period of activity:   2012 – 2013
Description of the works:   The design provides the construction of 35km underground metro:
Line L2: 27km along the East-West route (Callao Port and Municipality of Ate)
Line L4: 8km along the North-South route (Airport-connection to L2)
The two-ways single tunnel will be carried out in two steps. For each step 4 TBMs will be used at the same time, with pressure monitoring devices (EPB) in order to reduce the construction time, especially for the first step. The 36 stations (27 for L2, 8 for L4 and 1 on the existing L1) will be of two kinds: cut-and-cover and underground. Some stations will be typological, others will be of interconnection with the existing L1, the BRT and the future L3, as well as with the line between L2 and L4.
The two lines object of the design will have their own deposit and repair workshop.
Being a work in concession, the design phase will include the study of financial plans and tender documents.
Geodata activity:   Contract for the drafting of Feasibility and Preliminary Designs.
Feasibility Design:
  • Study of layout alternatives and construction technologies
  • Study of demand
  • Evaluation of social benefits
  • Definition of concession time
  • Study of financial sources
  • Investment Business Plan
  • Selection of alternatives
Preliminary Design:
  • Study of demand on the entire existing and future public transport net
  • Topographic study
  • Geologic, geotechnical and hydro-geological study
  • Layout design
  • Design of 36 stations (28 cut-and-cover, 7 underground and 1 fly-over stations)
  • Design of ventilation and emergency shafts
  • Design of 2 deposits and repair workshops
  • Design of electromechanical plants
  • Design of railway plants
  • Management of urban interference (expropriation, PPSS, existing infrastructures, sensitive buildings, etc.)
  • Risk and monitoring plan during construction
  • Drafting of technical specifications for civil and installation works
  • Drafting of technical specifications for rail rolling stock
  • Bill of quantities
  • Environmental and social impact study
  • Design promotion plan
  • Economic and financial plan
  • Concession contract


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